About Routh’s Associates

Routh has selected her associates with care, focusing on expert training and a shared vision, in order to offer you the best possible therapeutic services to meet your needs.

Meet Marcie Bohan, LMSW

Marcie Bohan, LMSW, began her career in arts administration at Sotheby's and The Museum of Modern Art after graduating from NYU with a major in Art History. Years later, while running a resale shop with a friend that became a one stop shop for all things maternity and children, Marcie realized what excited her most was bringing people together in a supportive and empathic environment, and that she greatly enjoyed helping to build a community around the store. Inspired by this experience, Marcie returned to earn her Masters in Social Work at NYU and become a licensed social worker in New York State. Marcie's experience ranges from serving as a clinician in both out-patient mental health facilities and private clinics to being a social worker in the New York public school system. She has trained working in different modalities, adapting her approach to each client, from ongoing psychodynamic practice to more structured cognitive behavioral therapy. Marcie works with her clients to help them get to the "better" they envision for themselves.

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