About Routh

Routh Chadwick, LCSW, devoted her early career to the performing arts, in which she found the creative process to be life-affirming and therapeutic. She went on to earn her Masters in Social Work at New York University and is currently a licensed psychotherapist in the state of New York. She has experience in a variety of environments such as inpatient psychiatry, long-term psychotherapy clinics, and after-school programs. She has trained in psycho-dynamic and cognitive-behavioral approaches and has studied with world-renowned mentors in the principles of innate health which she uses in her process. 

Being a psychotherapist and coach has been a way for Routh to support the growth and upliftment of each individual she has worked with. She continues to integrate creativity, pleasure and play into all aspects of her life and enjoys helping others do the same.

Work and play are words used to describe the same thing under different circumstances.
— Mark Twain

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