Are You Stressed Out or Burned Out?


I recently came across this newsletter from Michael Neill about how to care without burning out and thought it worth revisiting.  Stress and burnout have been on my mind lately, in light of the current socio-political climate and also in regard to the workforce, changing working conditions, and an uncertain economy, among other related topics.  In times when people feel called to step up with more force - whether in order to keep their jobs in an environment of layoffs, outsourcing and increasing demands, or in order to fight for the rights they hold dear - more energy is required so something has to give.

There may seem to be no such thing as work-life balance.  Rather than focusing on thriving in the world, the focus might be on survival.  I thought Neill made some interesting points about the ways we care - for ourselves, our loved ones, our livelihood and our world.  But sometimes being “care-free,” as he puts it, might seem an impossible task.  So how can we create sustainable lifestyles for ourselves and our families during these times?  

As I am working on a research project around stress and burnout, I would love to hear from anyone who is experiencing either or both of these things on a daily basis.  I am currently offering free 20-minute coaching calls as a win-win for both of us:   I get to hear from you about the problems you are facing and will in return offer any insights I can provide during that time.  So please email me at to schedule your free call.