Work smarter (not harder); enjoy greater ease and better outcomes at work and beyond.

Do you find that work stress spills over into your personal life and creates problems at home?  Are you feeling burnt out, undervalued or stuck in an unfulfilling role? 


Or is it the other way around and you have personal troubles that are interfering in your work performance?  Do you find it hard to concentrate or give the 100% you need to give to succeed? 

Perhaps you feel overwhelm with all the demands in many areas of life:  family, work, relationships. Not to mention the ever present white noise of world disasters unfolding in grim detail on your friendly media outlets. 

To master the elusive “work-life balance” we’ve all heard about, you’ve tried the gym, yoga classes, motivational seminars, meditation, supplements, regular massage and self-help books. You’ve tried everything only to feel that self-care is just another place to fail – due to lack of time, energy or money! Those de-stress initiatives just end up adding more stress.

Do you find yourself regularly seeking out means of escape?

  • Binge watching Netflix

  • Falling down the social media rabbit hole

  • Retail therapy

  • Indulging in a few too many glasses of wine, a few too many days of the week


You might feel like you should somehow be better able to handle everything that’s being thrown your way, but that just isn’t the case.  The truth is there are many people just like you who are also suffering in silence. But the good news is: There is a better way.

For the past several years, I have been using a cutting edge model for resilience, creative solutions, and peak performance. This model is being used in businesses worldwide and is having profound effects on the work performance and personal lives of the individuals who learn it. This simple, but profound understanding will begin to transform your life the minute you get a glimpse. You will be able to de-stress and re-focus much easier than you ever had in the past. If you want to truly gain the long lasting benefits of this approach to health, well-being and improved performance, we can work together using the same process that has helped countless clients I’ve worked with make this profound shift from struggle and mental gridlock to resilience and mental freedom.

The results you can expect include:

  • Being able to tap into your creativity and flow so you can easily solve problems and prioritize challenges, instead of feeling overwhelmed by them.

  • Feeling energized and revitalized in your body again, instead of coping with stress-related health problems and exhaustion.

  • Avoiding burnout to create a sustainable lifestyle that supports your work and personal life while finding fulfillment in your work again and becoming a better spouse, parent and friend.

I offer packages of 6 to 10 life-coaching sessions to help you overcome burnout and lighten your load. During these sessions, you will learn a new way to approach chronic problems such as stress, burnout, lack of engagement, low productivity, stagnation and procrastination.


Here’s a sneak peak at the benefits you will gain through this process:

  • Learn to use your mind at its optimal level so you are more productive while feeling less tired.

  • Recognize stress for what it is so that it stops taking a toll on your health.

  • Harness the power of your mind so that problems vanish and solutions miraculously appear.

  • Master overwhelm so that when crisis hits, you can tap into your creativity for better problem-solving.

  • Shrink your to-do list; do less of the unnecessary things, instead of more overall.

  • Learn to find a place of peace no matter what is happening in your life.

  • Learn to deal with difficult people in more effective ways.


As a licensed psychotherapist and life coach practicing for the past ten years, I have worked with hundreds of individuals struggling with the same stress, burnout and productivity issues.  I have trained with the leaders in this cutting edge field of resilience and performance and have experienced the benefits in my own life.  

I offer customized psychotherapy and life coaching services for individuals, and workshops for small groups.  The first step in discovering the right program for you is to schedule a consultation where we can discuss your needs and design the perfect program to ensure you get the promised results.  

Life is too short to keep putting up with the same frustrations, blocks, and daily headaches.  How much time, energy, and money are you wasting on future health problems if you don’t nip them in the bud now?  If you don’t make a change, how much longer can you sustain your current lifestyle?

The truth is:  to see your work and personal life improve, you don’t need more self-help books, more seminars, more yoga classes, more massages.  You’re doing enough already. What you need is to learn to look in a completely new direction.  When you learn how your mind really works and how to harness its power, you access your innate resilience and inner resources, and you gain the ability to move through life effortlessly.  Clarity and well-being become your baseline, not an elusive fleeting state that you never get enough of. And because you will have my support and accountability every step of the way, I can help you stay on course and clear up any misunderstandings that block you from making the right shifts in your life.

To learn more about the programs I offer to individuals and groups, contact me or call 212-352-4048.