Think Outside Your Blocks


Now Offering 1- and 2-Day Personal Retreats

Make this your best year ever! 

Envision the life you would like to create for yourself and expand your mind to dissolve the blocks that have been stopping you.  These personal retreats offer a transformation through intensive therapy that will continue to support you long after it is over.  

Each day of the retreat consists of a series of transformative conversations that will drive you to delve deep into your life and find what is working and what isn't; discover the visions you have for yourself and what is stopping you by getting in the way of your manifestation.  But most importantly, we will look at the human experience from a perspective that will allow for clarity, inspiration, and motivation than you never thought possible.

When you suddenly realize that your previous way of seeing things has been one big misunderstanding, a whole new world of opportunities will open up.  Once that door is open, anything is possible and nothing can keep you down for long. Solutions come more easily and results emerge more naturally.

Why a Personal Retreat?

This is not therapy or coaching in the traditional sense.  You will not be "working on yourself" or problem-solving, rather you will be taught how to let go of limiting beliefs and thought patterns to allow the process to unfold.  The more time you can commit to the process, the deeper the transformation. Giving yourself the gift of a day or two away from life as usual is what will truly make the difference.  It is an investment in your fulfillment, well-being and success. It's the gift that keeps on giving.

**One-day retreats include up to 2 follow-up calls to help you integrate the changes into your daily life.  Two-day intensives include up to 3 follow-up calls. 

If you’re ready to book a personal retreat, or have any questions about the process, please don’t hesitate to contact me: